Best Burgers In Manchester

So you’re hungry and on the lookout for the best burgers in Manchester. Well look no further because this article will give you a run down of the most amazing burgers you will find within Manchester. Whether you are looking for top quality beef steak, crispy chicken or vegan and vegetarian options, there’s something for you!

We will also point out our Top Picks from the menu of each restaurant. We will also include a few special mentions that don’t quite make it to our main rundown, but think that they offer amazing burgers. The PrimePlate team have found some of the best burgers in Manchester and we hope you find what you’re looking for!

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Almost Famous

Credit: Almost Famous

Firstly, you will find some of the best burgers in Manchester at Almost Famous. This well known eatery is loved by locals for it’s impressive and extravagant burgers, packed with weird and wonderful ingredients.

Whether it’s Wonderbutter Onion, Smashed Tots or Bacon Bacon Mayo, you’ll find burgers with some crazy sounding ingredients.

Along with the burgers, there is plenty of choice when it comes to fries and wings. Their fries in particular are possibly the finest in Manchester and come loaded with delicious toppings.

Why not try the Wonderland Fries? They come with a mixture of regular and sweet potato fries, Wonderbutter, bacon mayo, bleu cheese sauce, bacon rain, shoestring onions, Jalapenos and finally red onion.


So, this one wasn’t easy. There’s a bunch of great burgers to choose from at Almost Famous. Which ever one you go for you can be guaranteed that it will be mouth watering and delicious! But there has to be a winner and that’s going to go to the Phoenix v2.0, the grand successor to version 1.0. This incredible burger comes loaded with bacon, shoestring onions, Frazzles, red chillies, redneck BBQ sauce, their signature Bacon Bacon Mayo and Bacon flavoured ketchup.

You get all this on top of a decadent double cheeseburger. As far price goes, this particular burger will set you back £10. However they often have great deals on for lunchtimes or certain of the week where you can get a fantastic burger, fries and a drink for a reasonable price.

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Solita NQ

Credit: Solita NQ

The Northern Quarter of Manchester has a range of trendy places to eat and Solita NQ fits in perfectly. Another one of my personal favourites in Manchester, this restaurant has a nice and lively atmosphere and awesome food to match. They offer wide range of delicious food to tempt your taste buds.

A favourite in Manchester, Solita has a larger than average range of quirky and delicious sounding burgers to choose from on your visit. The burgers served at Solita are made with British Wagyu from Warrendale Wagyu. Bretzel buns are used for all their burgers and come with a portion of fries as standard.


The Top Pick from the menu at Solita NQ would have to go to the Bacon Double Cheese. This delicious burger comes with not one, but two 3oz quality beef patties, 2oz of creamy, succulent cheese, Maple Bacon Jam, ketchup sauce and a bacon candy skewer served on top of the burger for something truly unique. Prices are a little on the steeper side here, however burgers are Wagyu as standard, giving them a fantastic flavour and juicy texture.

In addition, you can even choose to upgrade your fries with options such as Halloumi, Nacho and the fantastic Poutine Fries. Poutine is dish of Canadian origin where the fries are topped with cheese curd and a super flavourful brown gravy.

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Credit: Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is not your typical kind of venue you might consider when on the lookout for a great burger. It’s an award winning steakhouse serving high end beef and seafood. If you’re looking for a burger in a more sophisticated setting, then this is probably for you!

Set within the refined, upmarket area of Spinningfields in Manchester, Hawksmoor is a highly rated and very popular venue for high quality, dry aged and grass fed beef. This leads it to offer the delicious Hawksmoor hamburger.


Now this burger takes the Top Pick for one simple reason. It’s the only burger on offer at Hawksmoor so didn’t have much in the way of competition! Unlike some of the other burgers on this list, with their array of extravagant, unusual and quirky ingredients, the Hawskmoor Burger is pretty simple.

This no-frills burgers comes with their supreme quality beef patty, dry aged for up to around 35 days! It also comes with a thin layer of Ogleshield Cheese, as well as lettuce and tomato. Whilst a little pricier than some of the alternatives, this burger definitely deserves its place on the list as one of the best burgers in Manchester.

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Yard And Coop

Credit: Yard and Coop

A run down of the best burgers in Manchester would not be complete without mentioning Yard and Coop. You might have guessed it from the name but this popular eatery in the trendy Northern Quarter area of Manchester has some of the finest Chicken you will find in Manchester.

It’s the so called home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken. With a unique and quirky interior to welcome you in, Yard and Coop serves up some of the best burgers in Manchester to quench your appetite. As you walk into the restaurant you’ll see the theme carry on with booths in the shape of Chicken Coops!

It’s also well known for the great level of service and attentive staff. It’s one of few great Chicken restaurants in Manchester so does get really busy at certain times. Be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment!

When it comes to the menu itself. It’s pretty simple. You choose a chicken (Breast, Thigh, Drumsticks and Halloumi nuggets), a choice of one of their delicious house sauces and the option to “pimp your fries” with a selection of delicious sounding toppings such as Chip Shop Curry Sauce and Our Famous Cheese Sauce.

But of course, we are here for the burgers. There are a few choice when it comes to burgers at Yard and Coop.


Our Top Pick would have to go to the Chinese Takeaway burger. As the name suggests it’s pretty much a takeaway in a bun! This mouth watering burger comes with salt & pepper chicken and pulled chicken in Chinese chip shop curry sauce, crispy seaweed, onion, chilli, peppers and iceberg lettuce. In addition, it comes topped with a deep fried wonton and served with a fortune cookie.

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V Rev Vegan Diner

Credit: V Rev Vegan Diner

With the growing popularity of Veganism throughout the UK, it was only a matter of time before we started to see new food joints open up that centre around a Vegan take on some classic menu items.

Our rundown of the best burgers in Manchester would not be complete without mentioning a vegan option. V-Rev Vegan Diner is a relatively new addition to the Manchester food scene. This Vegan eatery located in the Northern Quarter area has seen some amazing success since opening its doors.

Praised online for it’s high quality of attentive service, this interesting eatery has gained a solid reputation for repeat visits. So if you’re a Vegan or not Vegan and want to try something completely different then this is surely the place for you!


The “Barbecute Without The E” burger has to make the list for the best burger in Manchester when you’re looking for a delicious Vegan option. The comes with Seitan Fried Chicken or Beefy Patty, Cheddar, Baecon, Onion Rings, BBQ Sauce, Ranch, Pickles and finally Fried Onion in a delicious Toasted Brioche Bun.

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Honest Burgers

Credit: Honest Burgers

This restaurant is a little different to others you would find in Manchester. Certainly a contender when you’re looking for the best burger in Manchester, Honest burgers offer a truly artisan dining experience, with features and light touches to remind you that you’re in a modern burger joint, such as the exposed brick walls and the cool blackboards where they display their menu and specials for the month.

Honest Burgers pride themselves on their ethical standpoint and always aim to provide menu items that adhere to the best practices of sustainability guidelines.

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They use locally sourced, high quality ingredients for the meals they serve to customers. They have a great reputation for serving up delicious, well cooked and well seasoned burgers.

Now what about the menu? Well, it’s very simple and clean cut. You have Chicken, Beef and Vegetarian/Vegan options. All burger options come served with Rosemary Salted Chips.

Prices are really reasonable and the food is highly rated. They have a great social media presence so don’t forget to check them out Instagram.


The Tribute Burger has to be our Top Pick from the menu at Honest Burgers. This incredible burger comes with a single beef patty, red onion relish, creamy American cheese, burger sauce, French mustard, pickles, onion and lettuce.

The simpler and streamlined menu keeps pricer lower than your average Manchester burger joint so whichever burger you decide to go for you know you’ll be getting a great deal.

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Credit: Archies

Archies is a highly popular and growing casual restaurant chain with eateries at multiple locations around Manchester including the Arndale Centre, Oxford Road and Picaddily. Their pink and white theme is becoming increasingly recognisable with the locals of Manchester.

If you’re looking for a high end experience, then this burger joint is probably not for you! Whilst the environment inside is very clean and modern, the dining experience remains quite modest.

Furthermore, a fantastic contender for the best burgers in Manchester, Archies offers up a wide range of what they call “Smashed Burgers”. They are all handmade fresh to order with 100% ground beef.

The burgers themselves are “smashed” thin to them a better taste and texture – you’ll get a great crispy finish to your burger. The main burgers on the menu come with either two or three smashed patties.


With a range of succulent burgers to choose from, our Top Pick from the menu at Archies has to go to the Ringo Star burger. It comes packed with two smashed beef patties, onion rings, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onions, mayo and BBQ sauce, all served in a soft and delicious sesame brioche bun. Team it up with a portion of fries, with toppings ranging from Peri, Cajun and Chilli cheese for a perfect meal.

The casual environment means prices are a bit cheaper here than elsewhere. The restaurant is also exclusively Halal so if that’s important for you then this place is an absolute must try!

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Red’s True Barbecue

Credit: Red’s True Barbecue

One of my personal favourites in Manchester would have to be Red’s True Barbecue. It has to make the list when you’re looking for the best burger in Manchester.

This well established eatery in the centre of Manchester has a fantastic reputation for serving up high quality, succulent slow cooked meats. The moment you walk in you are immediately hit by the warm aroma of smoked meats.

You will find everything from wings, pork ribs and smoked brisket to beef short rib and pork belly. The menu has loads of choice and a wide range of burgers available to choose from.

All the burgers on offer come with a side of crispy fries. You can get Sweet Potato Fries for a small extra charge. These go great with their delicious selection of signature Red’s sauces you get at every table. Sauce options include Devil Wing Barbecue Sauce, Kansas City BBQ sauce, South Carolina Mustard, amongst others.


Our Top Pick from the menu at Reds would have to go to the famous Pit Burger. This monster burger comes loaded with toppings. As well as the delicious beef patties (which comes as a double, triple and quad), you also get  brisket, chopped pork, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, and their signature Dirty Sauce.

If you are feeling especially adventurous then why not try their Doughnut Burger. That’s right, a juicy and delicious burger sandwiched between a doughnut. It’s available as a double, triple and even quad (4 burger patties!)

So you still want to see more from Reds? Well check out the video below for an inside look at Red’s True Barbecue. It documents the comical Northerner BeardMeatsFood and his attempt at taking down the incredible Feast For Four.

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Best Burgers In Manchester: Special Mentions

To sum up our rundown of the best burgers in Manchester, let’s go through a few special mentions that didn’t quite make it to our list.

Hard Rock Cafe and the Original Legendary Burger. Hard Rock Cafe is known everywhere, with restaurants around the world. You’ll find this restaurant in the bustling PrintWorks of Manchester, entertainment and dining complex in the heart of Manchester. The so called “Burger that started it all”, the Original Legendary Burger comes with an Angus steak patty, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy onion ring, crispy leaf lettuce and vine-ripened tomato.

Banyan Spinningfields and the Banyan Burger. Set in the upmarket Spinningfields area of Banyan is an elegant restaurant, offering a range of tasty and delicious burgers. Their signature burger (Banyan Burger) is not to be missed. It’s stacked with crispy bacon, wholegrain mustard mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, Monterey Jack Cheese and delicious crispy onions on top. Only using quality British beef, these burgers are hand shaped and served with lettuce and tomato on a soft Brioche bun. House fries are also included!

Dog Bowl and the incredible Lane Closer burger. As for the restaurant itself, it doubles up as a Bowling Alley! The popular venu offers fair and reasonable prices, a great atmosphere and usually has offers available when you decide to take a game of bowling as well. This monster burger comes loaded with 3 beef patties, American cheese sauce, Jack cheese, tater tots, pulled pork and a sticky barbecue sauce, all topped with a mini beef burger for something extra!